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We reported our new initiates but have never received our recognition pins or shingles. Where are they?

NOTE:  As of September 2022, printed membership cards are no longer being produced for new initiates.

Most likely they are in the mail to you or are still being processed. As a rule, you should allow at least four weeks for processing of new active memberships: one week for your mail to arrive at National Headquarters, a week (or even two, depending on the volume of mail) for processing your report and printing the shingles, and another week for the shipment to get to you. If you have not received your materials after 4 to 6 weeks, then call or email the Membership Services Coordinator at

It could be, however, that they sent them to you but they were returned to us because the address we had on file for your chapter was wrong or out of date. Make sure your Chapter always has a current mailing address and email address (preferably a or email address) on file at National Headquarters. If we have to re-send your chapter a package that was returned to us due to the chapter’s failure to pick up the mail or provide us with the correct address, then your chapter’s account will be charge for the additional shipping costs.

Once your cards are shipped, the UPS tracking number will be posted in the comments of your form.