National Deadlines

Chapter Fee Cost: $100.00 Due: September 30th
Membership Dues Cost: $115.00 (KKY) Due: September 30th
Cost: $115.00 (TBS) Due: September 30th
Initiate Registration Cost: $135.00 (KKY) Due: Within 30 Days
Cost: $135.00 (TBS) Due: Within 30 Days
Honorary Membership Cost: $135.00 (KKY) Due: Within 30 Days
Cost: $135.00 (TBS) Due: Within 30 Days
Fall Activity Report Due: December 1st
the Podium – Spring Issue Due: December 1st
Chapter Summary Report Due: June 1st
the Podium – Fall Issue Due: May 1st
Chapter Officer Form Due: After Elections


The Annual Chapter Fee should be submitted as early as possible and should be accompanied by Membership Dues for each Active, Conditional and Associate member, along with the signed summary page for the Chapter Personnel Report (which must be submitted and approved through the Online Membership System).

If submitted to the National Headquarters by SEPTEMBER THIRTIETH (9/30) this allows your chapter to be eligible to apply for certain chapter awards. The National Headquarters will not accept half year membership dues or dues for a person who is not listed on your master roster. Transfer students and/or other name changes should be explained to prevent any delay in processing your membership cards.

Every person who participates as a member of the chapter must have an current membership card. Failure to report by SEPTEMBER 30TH deadline will result in a 25% penalty on the outstanding balance and the chapter being placed on PROBATION with all chapter activities being suspended.

The purchase of Life Membership and/or any type of membership in Tau Beta Sigma is Non-refundable.


The proper registration of new members requires timely reporting. Failure to report new members within 30 days of the date of initiation will result in a 25% penalty being assessed, and delays proper recognition of new members. Accurate and complete paperwork, including initiation date, are required to process new member materials.


Only two (2) status reports must be submitted to the National Headquarters each year. The chapter president will assume the responsibility for submitting the Chapter Fall Activity Report prior to DECEMBER FIRST, and the Chapter Summary Report no later than JUNE FIRST.


The PODIUM offers the opportunity to publicize your chapter and band activities by submitting an article for publication. Communication is vital to a growing organization such as ours. News articles; personality profiles; special projects or activities; editorial comments from your members; all of this may be worthy of publication. Copy deadline dates are DECEMBER FIRST AND MAY FIRST.

Your articles may be submitted via E-mail to, on CD, or online via the submission form on the Podium Online. Good quality photographs are always appreciated, in digital form of at least a 300 dpi resolution. Each chapter will receive one printed copy of The PODIUM. Additional copies for your chapter can be requested in advance by notifying the national headquarters.


Each time new officers are elected and installed, the National Headquarters should be notified through use of Officer & Chapter Update in the Online Membership & Reporting System. It is the responsibility of the Chapter President to submit this information to the National Headquarters.