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District Fund Requisition

1. Receipts must be attached to receive payment.
2. Alcoholic beverages are not allowable.
3. Upon completion, send this form with supporting documents to your district treasurer.
4. Payment will be made only after this form is approved by your District Treasurer and District Governor / Counselor.
5. In order to save the completed form fields and signatures, you must use either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/edit this file.  Mac users will want to make sure that the PDF did not open in Preview.

Form Updated 11/1/2022

District Fund Requisition

District Convention Host Chapter Guide

Prior to bidding for convention, we strongly recommend that each chapter read this handbook and discuss any questions with their district governors & counselors. All bids to host district convention MUST have a director of bands and sponsor endorsement.

This guide gives you an idea of what to except from preparing & presenting a convention bid to hosting a convention to wrapping up responsibilities afterwards.

District Convention Host Guide