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OPU related FAQ

How do we submit payment?

How to make payments to HQ:

OPTION #1: Pay online


OPTION #2: Call National Headquarters (405-372-2333)

Before Headquarters can accept payment, all policy acknowledgements must be completed and the form must be approved by the Sponsor and Director of Bands. Once an acknowledgement has been completed, a check mark (✔️) will appear in the Acknowledgement Status box.

OPTION #3: Mail a check or money order

The check/money order should be made payable to your organization (Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma). Please mail to:
Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma National Headquarters
PO 849 Stillwater, OK 74076.


I am a faculty member and the Member Info and Signature page is requiring me to enter graduation, instrument, and major before I can submit. Is this required?

It asks for that information the first time each member logs in.  What we recommend for faculty members is to put in the information for their terminal degree, and what they consider to be their primary instrument.  In the case of a sponsor who was not in band, there should be instrument options for logistics, support team, etc.

I saved my username and password in a password manager and it gives me an error when I try to login.

We’ve found that when members have saved their login information in Google Password Manager or in their Apple keychain, it is saving their email address as their username which is causing the issue. Make sure that your password manager recorded your actual username, which for most members, will be your email address followed by .kkytbs

Example username: email@email.com.kkytbs

I entered an MC’s email address wrong on the Membership Candidate Registration, how do I fix that?

There are two ways to make that change.

  1. If you are still listed as the form author, you can delete the incorrect entry by clicking the trash can at the end of that line, and then you can add a new MC by clicking the New button above the Membership Candidates Section. If you have already submitted the form for approval, your Sponsor or DOB (depending on who is the current owner) will need to change the status to Requires Corrections to make you the owner again and allow you to make those changes.
  2. Contact HQ at kkytbs@kkytbs.org or 405-372-2333 to see if a staff member is able to make the changes from the admin side of the form. You will need to provide the currently listed incorrect information as well as the information that needs to be added in its place.

How do Membership Candidates “sign” the online form if they are not registered on OPUS?

Once the Membership Candidate Registration (MCR) is submitted for Sponsor Approval, the listed MCs’ accounts are created, and they will receive a welcome email for their organization with a link to set their password and setup their account.  As part of that setup, they will update their contact information and review/accept the risk management policies.

We have a previous MC who wants to complete the process. How do we add them to the Membership Candidate Registration?

The MCR currently prevents you from adding a person with a duplicate email address. If you have an interested individual who had previously been part of a membership class, please contact Aaron Moore at moore@kkytbs.org with that member’s name, email address, and chapter/organization that they previously began a process with and the chapter/organization that they need to be added to now.