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Graduating Seniors, Alumni and Honorary Members of Tau Beta Sigma are eligible for Life Membership. The Life Membership fee is$350, payable in full.

Life Membership grants the following privileges:
  • Receive a Tau Beta Sigma Life Membership Card, Certificate and Pin
  • Receive a current year's membership in the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association
  • Receive an online subscription to The PODIUM

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1. Applicant Information
First Name: * Middle Name: Last Name: *
Maiden Name:
Permanent Address
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City: * State: * 9-Digit Zip Code: *
Home Phone: *   Work Phone:
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Occupation: *   Former Chapter: *
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2. Payment Information
Lifetime Membership:
One single-time payment of $350.00

6 monthly payments of $62.50. ($375.00 total)*

*A $25.00 administrative fee is included in the total cost of the plan to cover credit card charge fees and additional administration.
Once a payment plan is started, there will be no refunds, and Life Membership will not be granted until the final payment is processed.
To make changes to monthly payment plan, please contact Di Spiva at National Headquarters at 405-372-2333.
NOTE: The date your account will be charged each month is based on the date of submission of this form.

The purchase of Life Membership and/or any type of membership in Tau Beta Sigma is Non-refundable.
Payment Type: *
Credit Card Check
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Please review our Privacy Policy


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