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The Keys to Top-Notch Committees


What makes a good committee? 

1.  Clear statement of purpose.  
2.  Believes in and respects democratic values.  
3.  Responsible leader.  
4.  Carefully selected members.  
5.  Plans carefully the work to be done.  
6.  Reasonable compatible members.  
7.  Has sense of priorities.  
8.  Works as a team.  
9.  Has adequate agenda, documentation and minutes.  
10.  Gets infusion of new blood periodically.  
11.  Represents the various interests of the members. 


What makes a good chairman? 

1.  Starts and ends meetings on time.  
2.  Allows group to get acquainted.  
3.  Sees to it that as many people as possible participate in the discussion.  
4.  Keeps discussion directed to the topic.  
5.  Tries to avoid being the expert.  
6.  Summarizes decision from time to time.  
7.  Maintains keen awareness of the dignity of every person.  
8.  Is seen as sincere and thoughtful by the committee.  
9.  Summarizes the meeting and the actions to be taken by the members. 


What makes a good committee member? 

1.  Receptive and open to ideas.  
2.  Has perspective on the issue.  
3.  Is familiar with the aims of the organization.  
4.  Enjoys the give and take of committee discussion.  
5.  Is able to express ideas clearly.  
6.  Is willing to give needed time for meeting attendance.  
7.  Has good judgment.  
8.  Can think in terms of the welfare of the group. 


What makes a committee fail? 

1.  No clear-cut assignment; no reason to exist.  
2.  Chairman not qualified.  
3.  Members get appointed who are uninterested.  
4.  Group has no orderly plans, no time schedule.  
5.  Members talk-talk-talk with no decisions.  
6.  Members don't show up for meetings  
7.  Work of the committee is not publicly recognized by the association 



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