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The Search for Alumni


Step one: 

Purchase a chapter roster for $10 from the National Headquarters. This is a list of all past and current members of your chapter, their hometowns, instruments, and initiation dates. 


Step two: 

Compare your current alumni information with the chapter roster to determine if any names may have been lost in the shuffle which need to be added to your listing of lost alumni. 


Step three: 

Contact your band director to find out if there is an alumni band roster available. Even if the university does not have a designated alumni band, they probably have information on hand for mailers and announcements to the band alumni. 


Step three: 

Once the band alumni roster has been exhausted take the remaining list of alumni names to your University's alumni association and request an information the University may have on file from them. 


Step four: 

Send out a postcard mailing to all the known alumni addresses. Write "Address service requested" on the cards. If the address is incorrect or no longer in service, the Post Office will research the correct information for you. They will forward the card to the working address and notify your chapter of the correct addresses as needed. It might be a good idea to list the remaining lost alumni on these cards. This will allow the alumni to work with you in locating many of their old friends and sisters, while save the chapter money from a larger mailing with incorrect addresses. 


Step five: 

Divide the remaining names amongst your chapter members. Have them check out several search engines available on-line for possible matches. They can then research any possibilities as they arise for accuracy. You may even have the members contact some of the missing alumni's MC sisters personally for further information and insight into the chapter's history.
Here is a good one to try. It provides phone numbers, addresses, and maps: http://people.yahoo.com


Step six: 

Brainstorm methods for staying in contact with your alumni, such as a chapter website or list-serve they can subscribe to. Once this process is completed, your chapter will have a wide range of alumni to draw upon for support, ideas, and fellowship! 



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