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Qualities to Look For in a Great Photo


General Rules
Keep the Picture Simple

If a picture is too cluttered, the viewer's attention will be divided. There are a few easy steps in keeping a picture simple:

  • Give the center of interest the most attention.
  • Choose uncomplicated backgrounds.
  • Move in close to the subject.


Rule of Thirds

When looking through the view-finder, draw imaginary lines as shown below. When used correctly, the rule of thirds provides greater interest in an otherwise boring subject.


When taking a picture of horizontal or vertical lines, the picture will look more interesting if the line is not placed in the middle section of the photo.



It is important to balance a picture. Good balance is the arrangement of shapes, colors, light and dark in a complementary way. Using symmetry can divide a viewers attention.



The purpose of framing is to give a picture depth. Framing is using trees, animals and any other object to surround the picture to make it more interesting.



A merger is when two separate objects appear to become one, usually occurring accidentally. Mergers occur when a subject appears to have something growing around it in the background. The classic example is people standing in front of trees, thus appearing to have a tree growing from their head.


There are two types of mergers - near and complete - each name telling what it is. Mergers can be avoided by uncomplicated backgrounds.


Keep Your Camera Ready

Take your camera with you wherever you go. Keep it loaded with film! Some of the best pictures will be the ones you never thought of. Instead, spontaneous moments can make priceless pictures. If you camera is too inconvenient to carry around everywhere, a pocket-sized model can be handy.


Remember rules are made to be broken!


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