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KKPsi & TBSigma

Volume 14, Number 2
October 25, 2012

Editor: Nick Smith
Publications Manager

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Welcome Back

To all Brothers & Sisters, from all of us at Stillwater Station, we hope that the end of your summer goes smooth and the transition back to school comes and goes without conflict. Go headlong into this new semester with a positive attitude and good luck on all that you do this year!

Wishing you the best!
Yvonne Daye, Zeb Watkins, Dale Croston, Nick Smith, Aaron Moore, Debbie Morris, Di Spiva & Alan Bonner


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An Update on Wava and Her Family
by Dawn Farmer, National President of TBΣ

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It has been a week since we have suffered the loss of our Founder, and while the sadness remains, it has been heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and support from across the country. There have been many inquiries as to how to best celebrate the life of Wava Banes Henry, and for a lady so amazing, there is not a simple answer. The National Leadership of Tau Beta Sigma and Wava's family are finding ways most appropriate to commemorate our Sister and Friend, and although I do not have many details, I will share with you what I do know.

Wava's family is mourning privately as a family. Her granddaughter is getting married this weekend, and therefore the family will be together and celebrating many different emotions together. Wava's daughter does understand the importance of her mother to the Sisterhood, and plans to have a public memorial service in Aspen, Colorado in the Spring. As details emerge regarding this event, I will share them as appropriate. As stated in Wava's obituary, memorial contributions can be made to the hospice center that helped make Wava comfortable these past months (Hospice & Pallative Care of Western Colorado, 3090B North 12th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81506,

As a Sorority, we are planning other events and celebrations in honor of Wava. Already, many chapters have held ceremonies or gathered to sing and remember Wava. At District Conventions, many of us will partake in reflections and events in honor of her. In Springfield, at the 2013 National Convention in July, we will gather as the National Delegation for the first time since Wava's passing; there will be a formal Memorial Ceremony and other activities honoring our Founder, please join us this summer for those moments.

There are other ways to help us remember the spirit of Wava. The National Leadership is in the planning phases of what will become a memorial in honor of Wava at the National Headquarters property in Stillwater, OK. As plans develop, we will share opportunities for chapters, alumni groups, and individuals to make contributions in memory of Wava to help build this beautiful reflective space for the Sisterhood. Memorial gifts can also be made to the Wava Scholarship of the Tau Beta Sigma Trust Fund, supporting women who are preparing to enter the world of Music Education.

As the year continues, we urge Sisters to wear a black ribbon loop under their Active pin in memory of Wava. Over the course of this year, wear your pin as you would at all appropriate Sorority events, and please use the loop. I would like to ask everyone to wear their Active pins in this manner until we meet in Springfield for National Convention; at that time, after we mourn together, I will advise to remove the black ribbon. Thank you for standing in solidarity regarding this outward symbol of loss.

Finally, I thank many of you for your love and support of and to each other, the Sisterhood, and to Wava's family at this time. I am continuously warmed by the love I see demonstrated through you, and am blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of Sisters and Brothers. If you have specific questions, please address me off the listserv at

For Greater Bands,

Dawn Farmer

National President

Tau Beta Sigma

Kappa Kappa Psi Mourns the Passing of Wava Henry, Founder of Tau Beta Sigma
by Adam Cantley, National President of KKΨ

Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that the National Council of Kappa Kappa Psi mourns the loss of Wava Henry, Founder of Tau Beta Sigma. Our thoughts and support are with the family during this time. We want to thank them for sharing the gift that was Wava with our organization. She was a lifelong advocate for bands, a visionary leader for both Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, and truly a friend to all members of both organizations.

Born March 14, 1920, Wava's life paralleled that of Kappa Kappa Psi as a leader in the college band movement. Wava was an early voice for inclusion. Wava exerted her special leadership by ensuring that women were included in the college band movement, founding Tau Beta Sigma was just part of her legacy. In her role as a pioneering female band director in Texas, she educated women and men about music and about seizing an ideal and fighting for it. Both her accomplishments and her "get it done" attitude remain undimmed and have our Brotherhood's admiration.

Our hearts are with all of our brothers and sisters in Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi. This is a time for us to bond together as organizations and remember the woman that helped pave the way for thousands of people to serve college bands through Tau Beta Sigma. As brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi we are committed to always "Strive for the Highest." However, today we all are truly and sincerely with our sisters "For Greater Bands."

For more information on Wava's legacy and her story with Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, please visit

Adam D. Cantley
Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity
National President

Rest in Peace, Wava
by Alan Bonner, National Executive Director of KKΨ & TBΣ

Brothers and Sisters,

Tau Beta Sigma and all of us associated with the Sorority & Kappa Kappa Psi have lost a special lady recently. Her vision, strength of character, humor, and class have impacted countless thousands over the past seven decades, and all for the better!! Those of us at the Headquarters share the sadness in her passing, but we celebrate with the wonderful memories from the personal experiences we were privileged to share with her. Rest in Peace Wava!

For those wishing to share a memory or your thoughts and feelings on this wonderful woman and her life with us, feel free to visit the Tau Beta Sigma website and specifically the remembrance page to help us honor her.

Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma National Headquarters

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