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KKPsi & TBSigma

Volume 13, Number 1
August 26, 2011

Editor: Nick Smith
Publications Manager

News from Headquarters

Welcome Back

To all Brothers & Sisters, from all of us at Stillwater Station, we hope that the end of your summer goes smooth and the transition back to school comes and goes without conflict. Go headlong into this new semester with a positive attitude and good luck on all that you do this year!

Wishing you the best!
Zac Humphrey, Evan Thompson, Nick Smith, Aaron Moore, Debbie Morris, Di Spiva & Alan Bonner


Submissions for the Spring 2011 issue are officially due November 1st. Be sure to start thinking now about what you wish to write about and have those articles, pictures and posts sent our way SOONER rather than later!

Please send your articles and photos to:



When you complete your Initiate Classes, please remember that you have 30 days following Third Degree to submit the Initiate Registration Form. An additional fee of 25% is applied to all forms that are late.



To all District Officers and Chapter Presidents:

Please ensure the widest possible distribution of this newsletter to the chapters, colonies and members in your district.

The purpose of this newsletter is to quickly and efficiently send information to each member.

District Leaders should ensure that this newsletter is forwarded to every Chapter President in their district.

Issues of the NewsNotes can also be found on the Headquarters website at

Many thanks,
Lt. Col. Alan L. Bonner, USAF (ret)
National Executive Director



National Executive Director:
Lt. Col. Alan Bonner, USAF (Ret.)

HQ Office Manager & National Accountant:
Di Spiva

HQ Membership Services Coordinator:
Debbie Morris

Alumni, Chapter & Colony Affairs Coordinator:
Aaron Moore

Multimedia Designer/Publications Manager:
Nick Smith

Kappa Kappa Psi National Chapter Field Representative:
Zac Humphrey

Kappa Kappa Psi National Chapter Field Representative:
Evan Thompson



KKPsi AA Encore Newsletter

Keynotes Online Magazine

Con Selmer Institute

Wind and Rhythm

The Podium for the Fall 2011 Semester is Now Online
by Nick Smith, National Publications Manager

Brothers and Sisters,

The Podium Publication for Fall 2011 is now online and available for download here. In our efforts to ensure as many people see our publication as possible we encourage you to forward the address on to the rest of your chapters and encourage everyone to read and respond to the articles inside. The Podium continues to have a modern design following sleek and updated design standards. This edition is also the National Convention Recap edition and boasts several dozen pictures and photographs from our National Convention in Colorado Springs, so be sure to check it out!

We're already accepting articles for next semester's publication. All Spring 2011 submissions should be in by November 1st with those articles featuring photos/graphics having a higher chance of inclusion in the final revision. I look forward to seeing your articles in my inbox soon!

Chapter Personal Reports - It's Time Again
by the National Headquarters Staff

Hello brothers and sisters,

It's that time again where you are heading back to school and getting things back in motion for your band programs AND your chapters. As you head into the fall one thing is always a constant without organizations - the Chapter Personnel Update Report. You should have received one in the Fall mailer that was sent out last week, but spare forms can be found online at the National HQ website.

A few things should be kept in mind when filling out and sending in these chapter forms. FIRST, while handwriting in the names and addresses on these forms is accepted, we strongly encourage you to type the forms we have online with a word processing utility (such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat) so that all names are easily readable and everything can get input into our database correctly. It's never fun to get a membership card with the wrong name on it all because someone's handwriting wasn't legible. Secondly, when sending in your dues, besure to include the CHAPTER FEE as well as the individual membership dues. The chapter fee is a separate fee that must be paid along with your dues, so be sure to include that with everything else. Lastly, and this seems silly at first, but please remember to include your cover sheet when sending in your report. There are always a few each year that have forgotten to include either a cover sheet or someone's signature. It's always a good practice to check, double check and even triple check to make sure everything is filled out correctly.

Another thing you should check would be the Chapter Directory found on the website. Be sure to update your chapters' officers, something any member of a chapter can do. We'll check our database everyday for updates and make sure those get added in.

As always if you find that you have questions you can always contact National Headquarters at or by calling 405.372.2333. Thanks All, and Good Luck this year!

CFR Visitation Schedule Posted Online
by Zac Humphrey and Evan Thompson, National Chapter Field Representatives

Hello brothers,

As we begin to prepare for another year of cross-country treks and campus visits you should go now to see if you are one of the lucky chapters that will be getting a visit this year. It's simple: just go to and download both of our schedules to see where we're going this Fall semester.

All the information you need to know about a visit can be downloaded form that page mentioned above and if you have any questions you can always e-mail us at Zac Humphrey ( or Evan Thompson ( Thanks, and have a fantastic semester!

Download Your Fall Mailer
by Aaron Moore, National HQACC

Hello brothers and sisters,

Each Fall we mail out a lot of material to each chapter to begin the year with. Although your chapter was only mailed one copy you can each download your own copies by clicking the links listed below:

Kappa Kappa Psi Fall 2011 Mailer

Tau Beta Sigma Fall 2011 Mailer

There's a lot of information for bother organziations so download your copy today and as always if you have any questions feel free to contact National Headquarters at or by calling 405.372.2333 or contact me, Aaron Moore at



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