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KKPsi & TBSigma

Volume 11, Number 3
November 6, 2009

Editor: Steve Nelson
National Publications Manager

News from Headquarters

Award Deadlines Approaching

If you are planning to submit award applications this year, please be advised that some of the application deadlines are approaching.


  • Paula Crider Award - Dec. 1
  • Service Certificate - Dec. 1
  • The Baton - Dec. 1


  • A. Frank Martin Award - Jan.1
  • J. Lee Burke Award - Jan. 1
  • AEA Scholarships - Jan. 1

Download the ΚΚΨ awards application.
Download the ΤΒΣ awards application.



When you complete your Initiate Classes, please remember that you have 30 days following Third Degree to submit the Initiate Registration Form. An additional fee of 25% is applied to all forms that are late.



Fall Activity Reports have been mailed to all chapters.

The deadline for sending them to the Headquarters is December 1st.



It's not too late!

Submissions for the Spring 2010 issue were due November 1st, but you can still send them in.

Please send your articles and photos to:



To all District Officers and Chapter Presidents:

Please ensure the widest possible distribution of this newsletter to the chapters, colonies and members in your district.

The purpose of this newsletter is to quickly and efficiently send information to each member.

District Leaders should ensure that this newsletter is forwarded to every Chapter President in their district.

Issues of the NewsNotes can also be found on the Headquarters website at

Many thanks,
Lt. Col. Alan L. Bonner, USAF (ret)
National Executive Director

Members of the newly installed Theta Lambda-ΚΚΨ & Iota Mu-ΤΒΣ Chapters (University of Memphis), visting the Headquarters in September.


Web Based Reporting Project Kicked-Off
by Lt. Col. Alan Bonner, Executive Director

As was discussed at the National Convention, development of the web-based reporting system has begun. Working with our website development company, a project manager and a team of developers has been working for several weeks to create the new database structures needed to support the system that will allow chapters to submit Chapter Personnel Reports, Chapter Personnel Updates, and Initiate Registrations Forms online.

This is an exciting project for the future of both organizations! If all goes according to plan, the first phases of the project should be complete by the time district convention season rolls around next year.


Strategic Planning Meeting

The Tau Beta Sigma National Council will be holding a strategic planning meeting in Dallas, TX on November 21st. Those in attendance will be:

  • Dollie O'Neill (National President)
  • Dawn Farmer (National Vice President for Colonization & Membership)
  • Dr. Kathryn Kelly (National Vice President for Special Projects)
  • Nicole Burdick (National Vice President for Communication & Recognition)
  • Melanie Meehan (Chair, Board of Trustees)
  • Kelly Eidson (Vice Chair, Board of Trustees)
  • Di Spiva (National Headquarters Office Manager & Accountant)
  • Dr. Richard Lewis, Facilitator


Dr. Malinda Matney (Immediate Past National President), Chris Haughee
(Board of Trustees), and Derrick Mills (National President)
at the National Hazing Symposium.


Taking the Lead at the Hazing Symposium
by Malinda Matney, Ph.D., Immediate Past President

Kappa Kappa Psi sent three representatives to the National Hazing Symposium in October: President Derrick Mills, IPP Dr. Matney, and Board member Chris Haughee.

Kappa Kappa Psi is a Gold Sponsor of HazingPrevention.Org, and is actively involved in creating a national agenda around risk reduction.


Malinda Matney Will Lead Hazing Prevention Week 2010

Dr. Malinda Matney, KKPsi Immediate Past President, is coordinating national efforts for National Hazing Prevention Week 2010, as a part of her work on the National Board of Directors of HazingPrevention.Org.

This is a great recognition for Kappa Kappa Psi's efforts around risk management, and a challenge for both of our organizations to do even more to eradicate hazing and promote inclusive and constructive ways of educating members.


Hazing & Values Committee Formed
by Derrick Mills, National President


It is my pleasure to announce the creation of the Kappa Kappa Psi National Hazing and Values Committee. The purpose of this committee is to address our fraternity's, and most importantly college band's, hazing concerns and overall risk management. This high level committee will analyze our bottom line and strategically plan a direction for the fraternity to move forward to eradicate hazing in KKPsi and college bands.

The committee members are:

  • Dr. Malinda Matney - Chair (Immediate Past National President)
  • Derrick Mills (National President)
  • Adam Cantley (National Vice President for Colonization and Membership)
  • Scott Stowell (Past National President)
  • Chris Haughee (Member, Board of Trustees)
  • Lt. Col. Alan Bonner (National Executive Director)
  • Anthony Falcone (Midwest District Governor)
  • Donald Lee (Sponsor, Zeta Eta Chapter)

As you can see this is a diverse group representing various talents and components of our fraternity leadership. Stay tuned for a major announcement resulting from this committee at your 2010 District Conventions.


The PODIUM - Correction

A mistake was made in the list of national award winners on page 21 of the recent issue of The PODIUM. The university for the Alpha Xi chapter, a Grace and A. Frank Martin Chapter Leadership Award finalist, was incorrectly listed. Alpha Xi is from Bowling Green State University. Our apologies to Alpha Xi!

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