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Tau Beta Sigma:

Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary
Band Sorority provides service to collegiate bands, encourages the advancement of women in the band profession, and promotes and enriches an appreciation of band music through recognition, leadership development, and education of its members.

We strive to create an organization to promote band music as an integral part of the American cultural experience; and, to promote enrichment of the human experience through participation in and exposure to collegiate bands; and, to recognize deserving women and their contributions to these goals.

The Northeast District:

The Northeast District is comprised of 25 chapters and one colony from 14 different states (including the District of Columbia). Despite the distance, the NED has proven once and again that we are the Nation's Elite District! With a shared commitment to band service and promoting women in the band.

District award nominations are due to Stephanie by February 6th!

Check out the bottom of the Resources page for more information!

Upcoming Events in the Northeast District:

Feb 6- 7, 2010 -
        Northern Precincts at Syracuse

Feb 13-14, 2010 -
        Central Precincts at Kutztown

Feb 20-21, 2010 -
        Southern Precincts at Virginia State

March 5-7, 2010 -
        District Convention at UMaine

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