Listed below are the Midwest District Officers. This information is also located in the National Headquarter's directory .

Declare your intent to be a District Officer Candidate:

ΚΚΨ District Officer Bid Guidelines and Sample Nominations Packet
ΤΒΣ District Officer Bid Guidelines

Current Candidates for District Office in 2013-2014:

Those running for District Office should inform the District Council of their intent as early as possible. Those running for office in ΚΚΨ are constitutionally required to submit a nomination packet two weeks prior to convention. Those running for office in ΤΒΣ are encouraged to do the same.

ΚΚΨ Candidates: ΤΒΣ Candidates
Renee Rathjen
Leah Bonnstetter
Molly Kuchan
Ryan McKenzie
Kate Schumann
Bryan Anderson

Kappa Kappa Psi Officers

To contact the ΚΚΨ district council, e-mail:

President - Pat Determan - Iota Omega
Iowa State University
Pat Determan

Vice President - Jeffrey Makinster - Iota Omega
Iowa State University
Jeffrey Makinster

Secretary/Treasurer - Faithe Guyer - Eta Pi
University of Northern Iowa
Faithe Guyer

Member at Large - Carissa Vinovskis - Epsilon Omega
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Carissa Vinovskis

Tau Beta Sigma Officers

To contact the ΤΒΣ district council, e-mail:

President - Samantha Boxberger - Delta Kappa
Kansas State University
Samantha Boxberger
Vice-President of Membership - Sam Johnson - Theta Xi
Iowa State University

Sam Johnson

Vice-President for Special Projects - Laura Cooke - Zeta Omega
University of Missouri
Laura Cooke
Secretary/Treasurer - Jefferson Vlasnik - Zeta Delta
University of Kansas
Jefferson Vlasnik